A picture, or a few words can say so much…and a T-shirt is a walking billboard! You can advertise your website, wear your favourite team logo, or brag about your latest baby or grandchild.  Our customers’ designs are only limited by their imagination. Our shirts are worn by whole sports teams, political promotion teams, hens and bucks groups, school friends, the list is endless.

Design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator are brilliant programs for custom T-shirt design. Paintwork can be freshened up, unwanted backgrounds taken out, and vector drawings can be made of your logo & text, ensuring that your design can be printed to virtually any size.

Here is an example of a customer’s design which had to be re-created, and a sample of the finished product:

Biker's Logo - Finished Artwork

This bikie’s insignia for a motorcycle club needed to be completely redrawn in Illustrator, as a vector drawing, to be printed on a black t-shirt.  The original drawing was very small, and not very clear, and was in full colour. The customer wanted the design to be converted to black, white and grey.  The finished artwork looked very effective, and now that we have the new artwork on file, the customer can re-order at any time, to have his design printed on a wide variety of merchandise.

Here’s the proof we sent the customer:

Sample proof of Biker's Shirt