Here at Customyourshirt, we love all things “T-Shirt”, and love to see what folks from other countries like to print on their tees. Some of the funniest artwork comes via cross-cultural misunderstanding, particularly between Asia and the West. It’s a matter of “if it looks good, it must be cool”. We’ve collected a few samples of what happens when people don’t understand the text of another language. Some samples are unprintable, so we’ve kept it clean. It makes us wonder what on earth our own shirts actually say, when we buy a shirt with Chinese or Japanese text ๐Ÿ™‚

Sample T-Shirt Design from Asia

Christmas Mish-Mash

Tell It Like It Is

New York Don't Love You!

Here are just a few samples of what happens when we don’t understand a language, and go off to buy a tee-shirt. Some shirts obviously have blocks of text lifted from books or magazines, and placed artistically on the shirt, without the slightest understanding of the text meaning. …hope you enjoy these, we’ll put some more up later.