The above title is another funny example of things we’ve seen printed on T-shirts. You can have so much fun with text on Tees, but some of the funniest designs are mistakes and mis-translations. We’ve included a few more this week, some from Tee shirts, and some from badly translated signs.

Creepy Mistranslation

You Can Shirt This Have

No thanks…that’s ok, you can keep it!:-)

Uneasy Spirituality

Well….the text is nice and clear, but the meaning is a bit obscure!

Explosive Dog

Everyone stand clear! Explosive Dog on the loose….maybe a new terrorist weapon? Funny how the absence of one “s” can give text a whole new meaning.

We wish you all are Merry Christmas, and hope that all our customers are giving their loved ones some of our great tee-shirts, polos, or rashies as gifts this Season