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Funny Tees

Stuck for ideas for family birthdays, Christmas, or just about any occasion? Why not put your favourite saying, or funny comment on a tee-shirt, and give it as a gift? Some parents write down all the funny stuff their kids say, thinking they’ll write a book one day…but that never happens. Why not put it on a shirt now, while […]

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Our job here at Customyourshirt is to transform your artwork from a pixel-based photograph or drawing into a high quality graphic printed onto your choice of t-shirt, polo shirt, singlet, hoodie etc. We have many different types of  quality shirts available in our online store, with a wide range of colours and sizes. If the original artwork you send in is […]

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Creative Ways to Design Your Own T-Shirt

People find so many ways to be creative when designing their t-shirts. Our customers have many different needs, and a great variety of ideas, some funny, and some serious.  Our job is to assist you in presenting your ideas on your chosen shirts in the highest quality possible.  That is why the resolution of your photographs and artwork is so […]

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I (heart) NY!

Many of our customers want to express their love for a person or place with a big red heart symbol, and some text. Here are a few examples of some of their ideas printed onto tee-shirts recently: This customer wanted a scruffy fading effect on the tail of the ‘Y’ text. This is another alternative: And finally, …a broken heart!

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