The aim with a custom-designed t-shirt is to make an impact. Whether your intention  is to advertise your business, or just to display your own cool artwork, there is nothing better visually than a one or two colour design on a contrasting background. The “less is more” principle often applies to advertising, and especially on a t-shirt, as there is usually a limited time span for people to read your text.

The first sample below has a good, bold design displayed in black and white on a red background, and including some text. You will notice that the smaller text is a bit more difficult to read, and might not have the same attention-grabbing effect as the rest of the design:

Dig Logo

The artwork is obviously a film poster, so information about the production and the characters are necessary, but won’t be quite as readable as it would be on the original poster size. But for the purpose of this t-shirt design, the blocks of text just become part of the overall design, and don’t need to be as informative as a company advertisement .  Here is what the t-shirt sample looked like:

movie poster sample