Our job here at Customyourshirt is to transform your artwork from a pixel-based photograph or drawing into a high quality graphic printed onto your choice of t-shirt, polo shirt, singlet, hoodie etc. We have many different types of  quality shirts available in our online store, with a wide range of colours and sizes.

If the original artwork you send in is nice and clear, your shirt print is going to look fantastic.  If it’s pixelated or fuzzy, often we can re-create your picture or logo and give it new life. This week a customer wanted a full print size drawing of a Transformer on his t-shirt, in white, on a black shirt, with the black background of the picture deleted. Underneath we have a close-up snapshot of a piece of the artwork, showing the fuzziness and unclear lines of the drawing:

snapshot detail of Transformer drawing

As you can see, a blurred picture is an artist’s nightmare! But with great persistence, and a thick pair of glasses, the final drawing was made in Adobe Illustrator, and saved as a vector file, enabling the artwork to be printed at any size on just about anything. Unfortunately, for a T-shirt print, we are restricted to 28cm wide, by 36cm high. Here we have a copy of the finished drawing, and then a picture of what our “Transformed” t-shirt looked like:

Transformer T-Shirt

Here’s the sample t-shirt:

Sample of Transformer T-Shirt