This design which we printed for NAIDOC is another example of a great logo incorporated into a t-shirt.  First, the hands in the design had the three colours of the Aboriginal flag incorporated into it, then that looked so effective, they thought the text would also look great with bands of colour. A wonderful feature of Photoshop and Illustrator is that anything can become part of your text.  In this case, three blocks of colour were made, and the text typed over the top. Then with the click of a button, the text “cookie-cuttered” the colour blocks on the inside, and excluded everything on the outside. Here’s the finished logo:

Naidoc Logo

Here’s the effect on a t-shirt print:

Naidoc Shirt Proof

And lastly, this is an example of placement of a picture inside text…a high resolution photograph of a fuschia placed inside a large leter “F”. The possibilities are endless!

Text Sample