T-shirt printing is an amazing way to make a statement, or display your photos, logo, website or your own artwork.
We’re often also able to re-draw your design, if your artwork is not quite high enough in resolution for printing.
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the programs we use to create and edit artwork. Some of the following things can be done to make your artwork stand out on your T-shirt:
Backgrounds can be changed or edited, with unwanted content taken out. As long as your original artwork is of high enough resolution, the white background which often appears with your artwork on your web sample can be extracted. If your picture quality is lower, we can print at a lower resolution onto a white shirt, leaving the white background to blend in with the shirt. The same principle applies to black backgrounds against a black shirt.

Unwanted objects in your picture can be taken out with different methods, usually using the ‘clone’ tool, as shown in these two pictures:

pelica t-shirt sample






In this picture, there’s a photographer’s arm which is spoiling the picture.

tutorial result







…And with a few strokes of the clone tool, just the pelicans and the sky.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your custom T-shirt printing, we can print anything and accept any type of document.