Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon.


A customer contacted us with a special request. One of her work colleague was having a farewell party and she wanted something a bit special and unique.

Good morning

I’m organizing a farewell present for a colleague who loves the Big Bang Theory so I thought I would get her, her very own Sheldon T Shirt 🙂 can you please quote on a classic white T shirt size 10 with the below imagine printed on it that reads “ Mel Mel Mel”

She sent us an image of Sheldon played by actor Jim Parson to have printed on a white T- Shirt.

As the show is quite popular it probably wouldn’t have been much of a problem getting a Sheldon shirt. This is where we come in. To make this shirt truly unique, we were asked to have her friend’s name repeated three times along with the picture of Sheldon.

Rather than simply typing the name “Mel” 3 times below the picture we thought we would make it a bit more interesting. We chose a font we thought was suitably “nerdy” and in keeping with the show. We decided to use the same green as Sheldon’s shirt and for extra effects we put a Drop Shadow on the letters. We also thought to use the text as if Sheldon was actually calling out her name.


Because our customer only wanted one T-Shirt, we offered her the most economical option: DTG or Direct to Digital Garment. This method is very useful for prints that have many colours such as the photo of Sheldon. Although not many people are aware of this technique, it is by far the best and the most common way to have individual T-Shirts printed. Our main restriction is size. For DTG we have maximum printing area of 28cm x 35cm. Other print techniques such as Screen Printing and Cat Cut Printing can have less restrictive print limitations.

Once we are happy with the layout of our design we need to make sure our customers are also happy with our design. A proof is then put together from one of our template T-Shirts. In this case, our client wanted a White ladies style T-Shirt size 10. Being a small size we adjusted the design to approximately match how it would look like printed.


At a width of 22cm it made the design almost 30cm high (roughly the size of a A4 sheet of paper) which we felt was a good size for a small T-Shirt.

Our client was thrilled to have a design with that little extra special touch. Once a proof is approved, a T-Shirt can be printed almost immediately which can prove to be very handy when we are given short deadlines!

We hear the T-Shirt was very well received and we hope it will become a keepsake!