How to Start a T-shirt Shop for Free: Make Money Online

start a t-shirt shop Do you want to start a t-shirt shop for free and sell your own designs?

We have the perfect solution for you here. With our sister website, you can now open your own website and start selling your designs – and it need not cost you a cent!

You just need to have your own designs, a name for your shop and a Paypal address to get paid.

Just click here: Toctopus shop   and follow the instruction, in  less than 5  minutes you will be up and running with your own t-shirt shop!

You can choose from many different templates and  customise your shop colour, add your own logo and even use  your own domain name for it.

Samples shop:

How Do I Start a T-Shirt Shop?

Once you start a t-shirt shop you can either sell your own designs, or offer to print your customers’ own designs or photographs onto their t-shirt – or any other form of clothing in our range. Every time you make a sale, the order comes to us, we print and send the item directly to your customer and at the end of the month we pay your commission through PayPal.

How much can I make?

It’s up to you, you have access to our wholesale price, so your profit will depends on your mark-up.  Once you start a t-shirt shop, you can advertise in your own way, and set up your own website to promote your shop. To see all the items we offer and the wholesale price please click this link below:
Wholesale Toctopus prices.

You can add a percentage mark-up or a fixed dollar amount.
For instance, the Classic white Tee is only $15 wholesale so if you put a 100% mark-up this T-shirt will be sold for $33 on your website and you would make $15 profit on each sale!

Of course you can increase your markup of lower it. If you don’ t want to make a profit, but just to offer your products to your association members, you just don’t put any markup and sell your product at wholesale price!

What’s the catch?

No catch at all, no risk, it’s Free and with no strings attached,
No minimum & no contract, you can cancel at any time.

How to Start a T-Shirt Shop: The Next Step

  • Choose a name for your website,
  •  Have some designs ready in PNG format 200dpi (ideally 300dpi) RGB with transparency  background
  • Open a PayPal account (it’s to receive your commission so you can do it later)
  • Just click here: Open a Free T-shirt Shop

    Follow the instructions

If you have any questions just email