Cheerleading Jackets

At Custom Your Shirt we come across many different clients with many different needs. There are people that want just one shirt and some that want hundreds or even thousands. There are the ones who want to have their business logo printed on corporate shirts that will be worn daily and some that simply want a shirt for a one off event (buck’s night, opening special, concert promotion, etc) .

Susan needed jackets printed for her group of Cheerleaders. At first glance it seemed like a pretty ordinary request but Susan wanted something different: Glitter! Sparkles!! Something that would make her girls shine. Not only that, each girl was to have her jacket individualised with her own name.


With such a request the only print option we could offer Susan was Vinyl Cutting Technique. This method is used when only solid colours are needed, when the client wants an extra large print or a metallic/glitter finish. We put together a proof for Susan and offered her our sample of plain, glitter, metallic and special effects vinyls.

Vinyl comes in 50cm wide rolls and can be up to 10 meters in length. This gives plenty of leeway for customers who require large prints. The rolls are fed through the vinyl cutter and a blade glides along cutting the required shapes and lettering. The excess vinyl then need to be carefully removed (called weeding) so only the shapes/letters are left. The design is then carefully positioned onto the garment which is placed onto a heat press. Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees are used to fuse the vinyl onto the garment making it a very highly durable print.

Although this method gives a very long lasting professional finish, it is also very time consuming.

Each of the Cheerleaders had a choice of individualising their name with their preferred coloured vinyl. This meant we had nearly 10 different vinyl colours to work with, feed through the Cutter and ensure each girl go the colour they had chosen.

But the result was fantastic and well worth the effort. Susan came back to us the following year to get her next batch of Cheerleaders their very own, individualised jackets.