Nothing looks as good as a one colour design against a contrasting background for a t-shirt. The designs can be anything from a well-known pop star, to a friend or favourite pet.  If you’ve ever dabbled in Photoshop or Illustrator, these programs are perfect for creating or rendering this type of art, including cartooning of photographs.

One design, with a couple of variations and t-shirt samples  are shown here…you might recognise the picture as Jimi Hendrix, the famous guitarist:

One Colour Design

And here is the artwork, from which the background was removed, so that the colour of the red t-shirt shows through all the areas with no black:

Black and White Jimi Hendrix

To achieve this effect from a photograph, the photo is first turned into black and white, then with the use of Photoshop filters, and the pen tool, all the black areas are mapped out, and other areas of the picture are deleted. The finished artwork appears like a drawing, and can then be overlaid onto any plain or design background.  This is an example of the picture being placed over the top of a colour texture background:

Hendrix Colour background

And here is a wonderful effect the above picture can have when placed over a yellow t-shirt, and parts of the edges erased with a special brush tool:

Hendrix Yellow design

You can have fun preparing your favourite pictures for printing as a design on a t-shirt. Almost everyone has a digital camera now….see what you can come up with at your next rock concert.