School Caps Printing and Sports Caps Decoration

School caps printing and sports caps decoration are easy with Custom Your Shirt. We are a highly experienced company that can decorate or print any item clothing with your own design. It doesn’t matter if that is part of a school uniform or the entire uniform, sports caps or apparel or even individual t-shirts or any other items of clothing you want to look uniquely yours! We can print your own design for you.

Schools and sports clubs like their pupils or members to be a credit to them while also advertising that particular school or club. A smart cap can make all the difference, and if the logo and/or name of the establishment is also clearly displayed, then it is excellent free advertising for you. If you do not already have a proper logo, you can design one (we can help you if necessary) and then have it printed on your sports or school caps.

Sports Caps Printing: Single Caps or Thousands

If you have unique decoration for your sports caps then it can often be very expensive to have them printed or embroidered in the volume you require. Here at Custom Your Shirt, we can decorate any number of items from a single sports or school cap, blazer or any other garment to thousands of them at a very economical and competitive price.

Perhaps you have come up with a design and you would like to see what it looks like on a real cap. We can print a single cap if you want one, although the price drops the more you order. We have no minimum or maximum order size. We often handle individual garment orders from people who may want, for example, their child’s first drawing printed on their t-shirt.

School Caps Printing Techniques

With school caps printing, it makes no difference to us what your design is, because we have access to numerous different printing techniques. These are suitable for any design from small lettering to broad, bright blocks of colour.  We can offer an embroidery service if you want a very traditional and hardwearing look to your caps, or digital inkjet printing that can reproduce any artistic drawing or even a digital photograph if you want a direct representation.

We can also use Silkscreen, a technique that is useful for block colours or broad sweeping designs, but for school caps printing and sports caps decoration we would recommend digital printing or embroidery to reproduce the small logos and designs often encountered on this type of headwear. The finished item is as perfect a reproduction of the original design and text as you can get.


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If you are interested in our school caps printing service, and in having your school caps or sports caps printed with your own design or logo, then contact Custom your Shirt for more information. We shall respond rapidly to your enquiry.