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Scary Tee

Some of our customers like to wear scary stuff on their tee-shirts, and we get some pretty amazing artwork sent in to print. But the message gets kind of lost when the artwork’s all blurry and pixelated, and our Art department often gets called in to re-draw an illustration, and put the SCARY part back in !

This is a sample of the artwork received from one customer recently:

Scary Mummy

It goes without saying that this kind of artwork presents a real challenge in preparing a new drawing for displaying on one of our great tee-shirts, and usually necessitates a couple of Panadol afterwards too!  Here is the result of our re-draw, and then a sample of what it looked like on a shirt:

Scary Pic redrawn

Scary Tee

Once you’ve had artwork re-created, it remains on our files for future use…in case you want us to dig it out at Halloween, to scare everybody all over again Maybe you’re an aspiring artist, and want to advertise your skills on a shirt, along with your contact details, and maybe a website  URL….our top quality polos and tees are perfect. You’ll also notice that the print sizing maximum for our style of printing is 28cm wide by 36cm high