As we know, a good clear logo is vital to our business image. Many customers have lost their logo artwork along the way, usually from changing their printing companies, and their original logo is probably locked away and forgotten in some company’s computer.  As a consequence, the sample logos we often receive are very low resolution, often photos taken from the web, or a piece of t-shirt. Many times, we can re-compose your company logo, and some of the steps to this have been recreated below, for a customer who wanted his logo on long-sleeved t-shirts, with the sleeves also printed:

This was the low-resolution sample we received

Subboy Logo

And here’s the redrawn logo, to be printed on long sleeved black t-shirts….very effective, especially with the sleeves printed with text also:

New Subboy Logo

And here’s what the design looked like on a sample of the shirt:

Long Sleeved Tee-Shirt