Most of us have pets that we adore, and love to to display their pictures anywhere we can. What better way to display your dog or cat’s portrait on a mug, t-shirt, mousemat or drink cooler? If you send in your high resolution photograph of your pet, we can print it onto a wide of merchandise as a keepsake for you and your loved ones.

This is one sample from a range of mugs which one of our customers had printed, featuring his three dogs. The template below is pictured with two copies of the dog’s photograph, placed to print on a mug as a wraparound, so that the picture will be on the front and back of the mug:

Dog's Mug

And this is the sample which we sent the customer, showing how his artwork will look on the mug:

Sample Dog's Mug

Just think how great a photograph of your pet would look on this mug, …perhaps as a Christmas gift?

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