Polo Shirt Design and Decoration: Print Your Own Polo Shirt

A unique polo shirt design can help you or your team to stand out from the crowd. If you belong to a sports team, then the decoration on your polo shirts will influence the way other people regard you.  You can print your own polo shirt with a beautifully original yet apt decorative motif and not only be original, but also go a long way towards getting interest and a good following – though your performance will also have a bearing!

Polo Shirt Design Aspects

If you have an existing logo, motif or even just a name for your sports team, then your polo shirt design should reflect that and that’s where we at Custom Your Shirt can help. We can print individual polo shirts or thousands of them with your own motif or logo, so you can be assured of total individuality in your sportswear.

Here are some of the ways in which we can offer you a unique service, whereby we can print existing designs onto your sportswear or print your own unique polo shirt design:

polo shirt design

This is just an example of course, and we are able to take any design you give us and reproduce it on your polo shirt – or shirts, because number is not an issue.

 Polo Shirt Printing Options

We have a number of textile printing techniques at our disposal, and there are very few garments we cannot print and virtually no designs we are unable to reproduce onto your personal t-shirts or club polo shirts. The above examples are just that: examples.

Embroidery is very durable, and great for intricate designs and small motifs or logos. However, you are not restricted to just the one, and we can combine embroidery with silk screen printing of large solid areas and also digital ink jet printing for more intricate larger area work such as photograph reproductions.

You can have any logo printed onto anywhere on your polo shirt along with a team name if relevant. You can have numbers back and front as displayed above, and players’ names if you also want these.  The team logo and name can also be included.

 Design and Print Your Own Polo Shirt

Included all of these options  might make things a bit crowded, which is why our design service allows you to play around with the potential elements of your polo shirt design until you have something that looks good and is also easy to understand.  You can virtually design and print  your own polo  shirt.

Polo shirt design and decoration does not have to be rigidly controlled by your shirt provider. Custom Your Shirt offers a number of polo blanks in various colours than you can print with your own logos, designs and names. You can design a polo shirt to suit your personal needs of those of your team.  All you need to is to contact us at CustomYourShirt.com and we will get back to you in a very short time.