Like photography, sometimes a picture or design looks far more effective in black and white, than in colour.  The example we have for you today is a fantastic little design sent in by a customer, to be printed in black, on one of our classic white t-shirts. The design is so simple, yet creates a bit of an optical illusion. Part of the text says “Schroedinger’s cat is dead” and the other text says “Schroedinger’s cat is alive” ! Maybe you can use this example to create your own spin on the design?

Other designs which print extremely well in one or two colours are tribal tattoo designs, and African designs, as well as negative silhouettes and cartoon designs made from photographs. Escher’s optical illusions  also look amazing on polo shirts and tees. Here are a couple of examples:

Dead or Alive

Such a simple, but effective design, just using black and grey, and leaving the white background of the t-shirt for the white lettering. Here is what it looked like on the shirt we prepared earlier!:

schrodinger t-shirt design

Here are a couple of samples of Escher’s brilliant designs – one of them printed as a tattoo on a man’s head!

Escher design used as a Tattoo

and Here is another of this brilliant man’s designs:

One of Escher’s optical illusions

So many of us have digital cameras today that it wouldn’t be hard to create an amazing design even from photos, using a program such as Photoshop to edit and put together your own t-shirt design  Imagine wearing, or giving a gift of a shirt featuring your own artwork ….