Most of the artwork we receive for printing on t-shirts are in the format of a  JPG. JPG’s are fine if they’re high quality, and print well. However, often customers send artwork with text already on their picture. The more times a JPG is opened, the more it breaks down, pixel-wise, and text becomes very blurry.  If possible it’s best to just send your artwork without the text, and let our graphic art department know what text you’d like to have printed on your shirt. That way, the text will come up crisp and clear. Here’s a sample of  what lines look like when they become pixelated . Pixels are small square blocks of colour, and as the picture breaks down, the square blocks become more visible, and the text or artwork, hard to view:

Pixelated Artwork

See what we mean?  In this case, it’s probably better for you to arrange for our art department to re-draw your graphics for a small extra fee, and in case of text, to re-type it.  You will also notice that as well as the image being pixelated, the white background has become mottled and discoloured.  Normally with a high resolution graphic, we remove the background, letting just the t-shirt background show through. But on a low resolution picture like this, the background can not be removed, and makes for a very scruffy design.