This customer asked us to print two designs made from two of the  the ‘King’  characters from a deck of cards. One of the pictures supplied was small and blurred, and the other was taken from a computer screen print link supplied by the customer. Both of these pictures were difficult to work with, and had to be magnified to their maximum size without pixelating, in Illustrator. The artwork was then locked onto the screen, and a fine drawing done with the pen tool, in sections.  Just the head of the kings were required, and these were then filled with colour, and transported over to Photoshop, where they were placed onto a T-Shirt template, which is sized at 28cm wide by 36cm high.  Proofs were then sent to the customer, approved, and the t-shirts were processed.

These two pictures are the original artworks supplied:

King design 1

King design 2

And here is the finished artwork for the two designs:

Artwork for King T-Shirt

And here is the finished artwork for the second design:

Artwork for second T-Shirt Design

And finally, here’s how one of these designs look on a t-shirt proof…quite striking!

King Design T-Shirt Proof

As you can see, it makes so much difference in the finished product, if your artwork is sent to us as a high quality file, at 300dpi, and at least 18cm wide. Artwork taken off a Web page is not suitable, as it has been reduced in resolution, and loaded at 72dpi for the internet. There are many sites on the Web where you can buy high quality artwork and photographs.  If you take your own photographs, make sure you take it at the highest megapixel count, if you want to print it.