We all know how important our business or club logo is…it’s the first thing we notice when we look up a company in the Yellow Pages, or a newspaper. Sometimes the success of our business can hang on the design and quality of our logo – that’s why it’s so important to make sure the quality of your artwork is of the highest resolution, when you order a company or club T-shirt. 

This customer ordered some t-shirts printed with their kayak club logo, but the artwork sent was extremely small and unprintable.  The club had no access to the original artwork for its logo, so we were asked to re-create their logo for printing.  Their design was drawn up in the Illustrator program, and saved as a high quality vector file, which can be kept on file for future printing  orders. Vector drawings are so crisp that they can be printed virtually any size, on any surface that can be printed upon. The logo can be printed onto anything from a boat, to a cap or beer cooler.

Below is the original artwork we received:

original logo

 And here is the newly re-created club logo:

kayak club logo

And here’s how the logo looked on the t-shirt sample we sent our customer:

shirt sample proof