Today we’ve got some more funny tee-shirt designs…some of them are using nice fonts, and eye-striking designs, but woeful translation brings a comic twist for the Western reader. Here are a few more samples of tee-shirt artwork worn by people totally oblivious to their meaning:

Smelly Smell

Seduction Tee

Some of us had be very careful before buying tee-shirts with Asian writing on them…find out what they really say, before wearing!

Back Hair Tee

Wordy Jumble Tee

Well…this text certainly makes a statement, and very boldly…but will take a pretty “hackeyed brain” to decipher the message. 😆   But the thing to notice with a lot of these tee designs is that the fonts, colour and general construction make them very noticeable, which is what a customer  aims for when printing on a tee-shirt. This tee above says absolutely nothing of any value, yet the owner of the shirt was obviously motivated to buy it because of  maybe a mixture of a few things…the font type, the colour, the placement and text size? 
And so, even though these tee designs make us laugh, we can still get some ideas from them for our own designs, as far as making them eye-catching. Hopefully you will have something more meaningful to say to the World on your wearable “billboards” though…