To a T-shirt printer, a graphic artist or a photographer, pixels is what it’s all about. There’s nothing like a good high resolution piece of artwork or photograph to make a t-shirt zing!  If you have a message to get across, or your buddy wants his current girlfriend displayed across his chest, there’s nothing worse than having to stand two inches away from his shirt to get the message!

Thus, the same old problem seems to crop up over and over again when you might see a really cool picture or quote on the Web, and think “I’ll just pull that off the Web,  get it printed on my shirt, and I’ll be the coolest dude around!”….This is where the frustration comes in for the artist or printer, as while your design looks great on the Web, you’re going to need a magnifying glass to see it on your shirt. Pictures for the Web are intentionally kept small in resolution, so they will load and come up quickly when you open a webpage.  By comparison, a good quality piece of artwork would take so long to open, you’d lose interest and go to another site….but that’s the kind of picture which we love to print…one that’s bulging with pixels!

Here’s a sample of a picture recently received from a customer, and what it looks like on a scaled sample of one of our shirts:

Small Manga T-Shirt

As you can see, the artwork looks more like a button to push. After contacting the customer, we received a high resolution picture which we were able to print at our full print size of 28cm wide, which saved the day (and the customer’s pride!):

Manga T-Shirt