Stuck for ideas for family birthdays, Christmas, or just about any occasion? Why not put your favourite saying, or funny comment on a tee-shirt, and give it as a gift? Some parents write down all the funny stuff their kids say, thinking they’ll write a book one day…but that never happens. Why not put it on a shirt now, while you can still remember it, and all your friends can say “Awwww…how cute”!

Here are a few tee-shirt designs seen on the Web lately…maybe they’ll get your creative juices going:

The perfect tee-shirt design to wear to your next Karaoke Night!:

This Bee-keeper’s message might be a good way to keep fit!….

We’re there are thousands of great ideas for t-shirt designs out there, just waiting to be printed on one of our great variety of  tees, polos and hoodies…check out our website at