Who thought to print onto t-shirts? Well it all began in 1700 where it was introduced to Western Europe from China as ‘Screen Printing’. It became largely recognised when silk mesh was available and this is why the term ‘Silk Screen Printing’ is used these days. These are traditional way of methods of printing funny t shirts and slogan on t shirts from ehow contributor, Matt McKay

Tshirt Printing Using Screen Printing Mathod

Screen PrintingScreen printing, or silk screening, is the most popular method for t-shirt printing. The screen printing process offers speed and cost-effective production, brilliant colors, and durable imprints. Although the process is one of the oldest printing methods, with origins dating to first-century China, the popularity of printed t-shirts sparked numerous technological advances in machinery, inks and production materials.

Hand Painting and Airbrushing

Handprinting and Airbrushing Tshirt Printing

Hand painting and airbrushing of shirts are favored methods of hobbyists and custom artists. Both processes are capable of decorating in their own right, but can be combined with screen printing and other decorating means to produce special effects or add artistic value.Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer Tshirt Printing

Heat transfers are iron-on images, produced primarily by screen printing and other commercial printing methods. Heat transfers have also advanced to include transfer papers for use with home computer printers. Transfer imprints differ in quality and appearance depending on the printing method, but all operate on the same application method and principle: heat and pressure are applied to a special release paper, facilitating the transfer of ink to the fabric.Digital Printing

Tshirt Printing using Digital Printing Method

Direct-to-garment digital printing was introduced shortly after the advent of large inkjet printers and the development of colorfast, washable inkjet inks. Although inkjet printing technology has advanced as a viable commercial production method, its slower production speed makes large-volume orders cost-prohibitive, when compared with screen printing. Digital garment printing does have the advantage of applying any number of colors required, including full color photography work, but does not require the extensive screen printing set-up process, making it ideal for smaller quantity production runs.

We can offer you advise on all this techniques, depending on what you want to print and the quantity one of this printing technique will be more appropriate. In general traditional screen printing is more economical for large quantity and above all it’s more durable.