Design Your Own T-shirt: How to Print Your Own T-shirts

You can design your own t-shirt with Custom Your Shirt’s bespoke design service. We can show you how to print your own t-shirts with your own name or logo, and have them printed off in any number from one upwards.

You can use our t-shirt printing service for your sports club, local community or even just for a single t-shirt for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Not only that, but we can also print your stubby holder, mug, hoodie, sweatshirt or even your pajamas with any text or logo of your choice.

How to Design Your Own T-shirt

Design your own t-shirt by selecting a blank from our wide range, and then have it printed with your personal name, company name or any graphic you wish to send us. If you have an image you would like printed on your garment then email it to us and we will choose the most appropriate printing technique for it.

Large area printing of solid colors will be printed using silk screen, while smaller images and detail printing will be carried out using inkjet or even embroidery if the design is appropriate for it. We have other printing methods at our disposal, and the printing technique we use will be selected according to the technical needs of your design – and also to best fit your projected use of the garment.

Sports garments will have to be resistant to hard wear and frequent washing, while individual sweaters or shirts may have less of a demand placed upon them. We will cost your order based upon both the design and the use of the garment, and you can be sure that you will get the best price possible for single and multiple garment orders.

Print Your Own Clothing for Corporate Advertising

Custom Your Shirt offers t-shirt and garment printing enabling you to have your own design, logo or name printed on your t-shirts or any other item of clothing. Our prices are very reasonable, and you can select your own design for single or multiple garments.

Printed clothing is a great way to promote your business or company. Pens are fine, but people are more likely to remember the firm that gave them a printed sweatshirt or t-shirt. This can be a very important aspect of a company’s advertising and promotional campaign. We carry out such work on a regular basis, so don’t get left behind!

Custom Your Shirt enables you to:

• Upload your own images and create full colour designs for printing on a wide range of garments, mugs and other items.
• Create and maintain your own gallery of designs to be used on any product at any time you wish.
• Mix images, digital photographs and text to suit your final product. You can have your girlfriend’s photograph printed on any garment of your choice, or personalize your boyfriends mug with his name or photo.
• Print your company logo and/or name on your choice of garments and other promotional items.

If you want to provide somebody with a special gift, want to be recognized as a unique personality when your wear your t-shirt or believe that such garments could well be a fabulous means of promoting your company, then click here to find out how to design your own t-shirt.