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Special Effects and Glitter Printing

Cheerleading Jackets At Custom Your Shirt we come across many different clients with many different needs. There are people that want just one shirt and some that want hundreds or even thousands. There are the ones who want to have their business logo printed on corporate shirts that will be worn daily and some that simply want a shirt for […]

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Get Pixeled!

To a T-shirt printer, a graphic artist or a photographer, pixels is what it’s all about. There’s nothing like a good high resolution piece of artwork or photograph to make a t-shirt zing!  If you have a message to get across, or your buddy wants his current girlfriend displayed across his chest, there’s nothing worse than having to stand two inches […]

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Custom Tshirt Printing Ideas – Preparing your own Unique Image Using Photoshop

Ever imagine your favorite Picture or some funny Picture onto your tshirt?  Here are few easy steps for making your tshirt unique using simple Photoshop editing. You can simply modify any Photograph of yours or your loved one and get it on your favorite color tshirt using our tshirt printing service. Here are few really easy steps of making your […]

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Preparing Artwork for Silkscreening

For those of our customers who like to play around in Photoshop, a good tip for prepare your artwork for silkscreening, is to reduce the amount of colours in your picture, to make it easier to print With other types of printing, it’s fine to use photographs, the higher in resolution the better, and there are no issues with the […]

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It’s All in the Translation!

Today we’ve got some more funny tee-shirt designs…some of them are using nice fonts, and eye-striking designs, but woeful translation brings a comic twist for the Western reader. Here are a few more samples of tee-shirt artwork worn by people totally oblivious to their meaning: Some of us had be very careful before buying tee-shirts with Asian writing on them…find […]

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Thinking Design

This design which we printed for NAIDOC is another example of a great logo incorporated into a t-shirt.  First, the hands in the design had the three colours of the Aboriginal flag incorporated into it, then that looked so effective, they thought the text would also look great with bands of colour. A wonderful feature of Photoshop and Illustrator is […]

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What Is A Pixel?

Last blog, we talked about the importance of pixels, and the use of high resolution pictures for printing. For those of us who are asking “Well what is a pixel anyway?” it means “picture element”, which is a literal description of what goes together to make a picture. Every picture is made up of tiny square blocks of colour, which […]

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More About Pixels

Most of the artwork we receive for printing on t-shirts are in the format of a  JPG. JPG’s are fine if they’re high quality, and print well. However, often customers send artwork with text already on their picture. The more times a JPG is opened, the more it breaks down, pixel-wise, and text becomes very blurry.  If possible it’s best […]

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Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

Most of us these days have various electronic devices which are capable of taking multi-megapixel images….the latest digital cameras start at about 8 megapixels, and go upwards from there…mine takes 14 megapixel photographs. Mobile phones and smartphones start at at 3 mp, and the latest smartphones make picture files of about 10 mp’s.  Scanners make high definition scans of our […]

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T shirt Design – Personalised Text Picture as Using Photoshop Tutorial (Video)

Would you like to have an original T-shirt? You can use your own photo and just by few editing in Photoshop you can make your text photo t shirt design. Simply place a text picture on a t-shirt. Just need two things a Picture and text and here we go. You can use text from something you like or just […]

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