Did you know that your photographs or artwork can be incorporated into your text, to make a brand new design? A friend took some really good photographs of musicians playing at Blues festivals, and wanted something different designed for some t-shirts, using a blending of the photos with text.

Photoshop and Illustrator programs both have a great function where text can be placed over a picture, and a cutout stencil made. When the text mask is clipped to the picture, the rest of the picture is erased, and what is left of the photograph is encased within the text.  This effect always looks best when a nice thick font is used.  In the following example, a fancy grungy font has been used, which has overspray, which produced a really nice effect for his t-shirts.

Here is the original photograph used:

Blues Musician photograph

And here’s the design incorporated into the text:

Blues Artwork

And this is what the design looked like on a shirt sample:

Blues Shirt Sample

Just imagine the possibilities for your own artwork or photographs….family holiday snaps, baby pictures etc.