People find so many ways to be creative when designing their t-shirts. Our customers have many different needs, and a great variety of ideas, some funny, and some serious.  Our job is to assist you in presenting your ideas on your chosen shirts in the highest quality possible.  That is why the resolution of your photographs and artwork is so important. In today’s blog, we’ve included samples of several different ways in which some customers have chosen to get their message across:

t-shirt with dog picture

“Make My Day”

A funny take on a Schwartzenegger quote from one of his movies!

white t-shirt with text "I love my geek"

I Love My Geek

This caption is especially popular lately, with the relevant TV show airing lately. It’s now cool to be “geeky”

Yellow ladies t-shirt with text for Hen's Party

The Happy Hen

This custom designed t-shirt was for a hen’s party. In this instance, the artwork sent in for the design was quite low in resolution. Therefore, the white background could not be extracted from the picture without producing a pixelated design on our customer’s shirt. The shirt is still effective, but would have looked so much better with just the hen showing. There are so many websites now, where high resolution pictures can either be downloaded free, or bought cheaply. If the artwork in question is a business text or logo, it is often much better to pay a little more, and have us re-draw your logo to give your  business shirts a professional look. We also keep your logo on file for future printing jobs.

Dog DJ

Doggy DJ

Another example of a cute pet being used as part of a creative t-shirt design. This design looks especially effective against the black t-shirt background.