There’s so much you can say on a t-shirt, both with the type of font you use, and it’s placement on the shirt, the colour, and the composition. Back in the days before computers, lettering was always done by hand, and was a long and arduous task to create print. …but today there are thousands of fonts you can choose, and thousands more being created. Then once you type your text onto your template, the possibilities are endless. You can turn your text into a vector image, and tweak it into a completely different shape if you want…you can make it three dimensional, put shadows, embossing around it, or if you choose a wide text, you can fill it with pictures or textures.

Here are a few samples of some of the possibilities when you’re thinking of getting some tee shirts, or polo shirts printed, maybe for a birthday gift, or special occasion, or even for a whole football team!

Creative Logo

African Soul Logo

These two logos show great creativity and good balance between the illustration and the lettering.  You’ll notice that in the African logo, the red dot shape over the “i” is repeated behind the African drum, and pulls the picture together really well. The same shape is repeated again with the orange “o” in “soul”

Royal All Stars Logo

This logo has an unusual mix of two fonts which are completely different. The word “Royal” and the crown go together, as a symbol of royalty, with the text done in an old English calligraphic font, but the font for “All Stars” is done in a “Varsity” type font, which is used for sports related printing.

This design idea would look great on a whole range of products for Christmas presents..including tee shirts,  coolers, caps, mousemats etc. and is easy for us to print for you. Just send in your Christmas, or other photos, of high resolution, and we’ll do the rest. Let us know which of our products you’d like it printed onto, and what you’d like the text to say, and we’ll encapsulate your photograph into the print. Christmas isn’t far off now, so go onto our website  choose from our extensive range of products, and get your order in plenty of time for Christmas. If you have other ideas for your own designs, contact us and talk to us about it.