I’m sure many of you remember the joy of getting a brand new sketch book when you were young…the potential was endless for creating a masterpiece on the clean blank page. Today there are so many more ways you can create and display your ideas and artwork….from the humble sketchbook, to web pages, cups, mousemats, coolers, aprons, caps, and the amazing template afforded by the front and back of a T-shirt. The potential is endless, for advertising your company, announcing your wedding, breakup, birthday, displaying your loved ones’ photos….the only limitations are the laws of decency, and the maximum print size for your shirt!

In the next few  postings we’ve included a few examples of  customers’ creations and ideas, and how they will appear  printed onto a shirt.

Wall Runner

Don’t Follow Me

And this is how this artwork appeared on the t-shirt, printed at 22cm wide:

Wall runner sample

Don’t Follow Me T-Shirt Sample