Club Wear Printing and Sportswear Decoration

Club wear printing and sportswear decoration involves the decoration of your apparel with your club logo, name and perhaps even additional decorative features. The nature of your design is immaterial, because at Custom Your Shirt we can print any logo, text or design onto your club wear or sportswear using the most appropriate form of printing for the design and the material.

Wide Range of Club Wear and Sportswear Garments

Simply select the blank unprinted style of wear you want from our wide range, send us the text or an image file of the design, logo or photograph you want printed, and we will do the rest. The size of your design is unimportant, so long as it can fit onto your garment.

We offer a wide range of garments, including t-shirts, hoodies, polos, rashies, sweatshirts and a lot more. You are sure to find one to suit the needs of your club. We will then select   printing method for your garment and your design.

Club Wear Printing Techniques

Custom Your Shirt can offer a number of different club wear printing techniques according to the design and type of sportswear involved. We can use silk screen for large solid work, digital inject printing for photographs or bright vibrant colour combinations, cat cut for a velvety flock effect and dye sublimation for certain types of textile and design. We also offer an embroidery service for smaller logos and text such as the wearer’s name.

Each of these is appropriate to certain types of design and garment, although techniques such as inkjet and embroidery are best used for smaller runs due to their cost. Find more about the Custom Your Shirt garment printing techniques – this page opens in a new window to make it easier for you to return to this page when you have finished reading.

The process is fundamentally the same whether your club wear involves sportswear printing or any other type of club or association. If you have multiple items of apparel to be printed, then we will choose a combination of printing technique and cost to provide you with the most appropriate solution for your needs.  Naturally, the cost per item reduces with the number of garments ordered.


How to Order Club Wear Printing

As a first step, you could order a free club wear or sportswear printing quote, or contact us for more information here: Contact