Ever fancied your man as a superhero? Well some of our customers do….this customer sent us in a photograph of her man, and one of Superman, asking us to print a t-shirt picturing him with Superman’s head.  Good quality photos were used, with high resolution. However all photographs are taken in different lighting situations, and so the colouring in the man’s photograph had to be altered in Photoshop, to match the colouring in the Superman photo. After changing saturation levels and colouration in the photograph, the man’s head was masked out from the photograph underneath, and the background deleted.  The head was then transported to a t-shirt template and placed as a layer beneath the Superman photo, which had also had the head removed.  The head was placed in the layer beneath, so that it would appear behind Superman’s clothing.  After resizing the head, and slightly tilting it, to match his stance, the layers were flattened, and a proof sent to the customer on a t-shirt proof sample:


Now here’s the amended picture with our new superhero’s head transplanted:

New Superhero

And here’s how the picture looked on a t-shirt sample:

Superhero T-Shirt