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Bag Printing and Decoration

bag printing

Bag Printing is one of the services we can provide. Here at Custom Your Shirt, we not only focus on t-shirt and apparel printing, but we can also print your mugs and even your bags.

Schoolbag Printing

We can print or embroider school bags for individuals, schools or retailers using out own embroidery technique or a variety of printing methods. We can use transfer print techniques using a sublimation dye process, screen printing or process printing to produce a perfect replication of your school motto, logo or both in full color.

Schools like their brand or school name to be seen, and children also like to have their school name printed on their schoolbag. You can achieve this economically as an organization, since we reduce our prices for bulk purchases. As a parent, the cost for customized schoolbag printing is relatively low. We can also print you child’s schoolbag with his or her own design or drawing!

Bags can be printed with a reflective panel to add to the safety features already present, and we can print anywhere on the bag: top bottom, sides, back or front – or all of them! Our bag printing is waterproof and resistant to rough handling.

Custom Bag Printing

We can print your own bag with its own design. This can be in the form of a photograph taken with your own camera, a drawing by you or one of your children or even a hand-painted or drawn design to show off your artistic talent. If you can scan it or convert it into an image file, then we can print it.

If you have a bag of any kind that you would like to customize, we at Custom Your Shirt  can help you to achieve that.  Contact us and we will help you with your design if needed and then print it for you.  There is no minimum or maximum order – 1 or 1,000, we will print your bag with your own design.

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