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Silhouette Designs on T-Shirts

Nothing looks as good as a one colour design against a contrasting background for a t-shirt. The designs can be anything from a well-known pop star, to a friend or favourite pet.  If you’ve ever dabbled in Photoshop or Illustrator, these programs are perfect for creating or rendering this type of art, including cartooning of photographs. One design, with a […]

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Kayak Logo

We all know how important our business or club logo is…it’s the first thing we notice when we look up a company in the Yellow Pages, or a newspaper. Sometimes the success of our business can hang on the design and quality of our logo – that’s why it’s so important to make sure the quality of your artwork is […]

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Changing Heads

Ever fancied your man as a superhero? Well some of our customers do….this customer sent us in a photograph of her man, and one of Superman, asking us to print a t-shirt picturing him with Superman’s head.  Good quality photos were used, with high resolution. However all photographs are taken in different lighting situations, and so the colouring in the […]

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I Love My Daddy

What an amazing gift for dad on Father’s Day…a mug or t-shirt with a simple love message, and maybe a photo of the kids. Guaranteed to melt the heart of any dad. Here are a few from one of our satisfied customers: The photograph supplied for this t-shirt was very high resolution, at 300dpi,  and printed beautifully at 28cm wide […]

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Did you know that your photographs or artwork can be incorporated into your text, to make a brand new design? A friend took some really good photographs of musicians playing at Blues festivals, and wanted something different designed for some t-shirts, using a blending of the photos with text. Photoshop and Illustrator programs both have a great function where text […]

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Redrawing a Logo

As we know, a good clear logo is vital to our business image. Many customers have lost their logo artwork along the way, usually from changing their printing companies, and their original logo is probably locked away and forgotten in some company’s computer.  As a consequence, the sample logos we often receive are very low resolution, often photos taken from the […]

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Designing a T-Shirt

  This customer wanted a set of  T-shirts for herself and her friends, with the photographs of her friends appearing similar to an Andy Warhol poster. Effects like these can be made by playing with the colour channels, and filters using Photoshop. Here is one of the  photographs we used to create the poster effect: Here’s the finished design:    […]

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T-shirt printing design

T-shirt printing is an amazing way to make a statement, or display your photos, logo, website or your own artwork. We’re often also able to re-draw your design, if your artwork is not quite high enough in resolution for printing. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the programs we use to create and edit artwork. Some of the following things can […]

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Screen printing

We can screen print from 25 prints

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