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Different T shirt Printing Methods

Who thought to print onto t-shirts? Well it all began in 1700 where it was introduced to Western Europe from China as ‘Screen Printing’. It became largely recognised when silk mesh was available and this is why the term ‘Silk Screen Printing’ is used these days. These are traditional way of methods of printing funny t shirts and slogan on […]

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Black and White Tshirt Designs(Slideshow)

Red green and blue are nice colors but evergreen colors are Black and White.T shirts have always been the cornerstone of a human’s wardrobe. Everyone loves to wear t-shirts, it’s all about the comfort and casual style when it comes to the awesome t shirt designs that are out there. You probably can see various style, design, colors and other […]

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Cute twins t-shirt design ideas (Slideshow)

What a great concept, twins t-shirt design! Here I’ve collected pictures for twin t-shirt designs ideas from different web sources. I’ve picked up few cute twin t-shirt designs and put them into a slideshow. We are interested in hearing from you which one is your favorite twin t shirt design! You can send us your twins pictures or twin t-shirt […]

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Classic Band T shirt Idea (Slideshow)

I’ve picked up few of my favorite classic bands and put them into a slideshow which could serve as classic band T-shirt idea. Which is your Favorite Classic Band? See if your favorite band is listed below in the slideshow. We are interested in your inputs which your favorite classic band is! Please post your comments below if this rings […]

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Drinking Shirts!

Many customers order t-shirts for special purposes, such as office parties, bucks nights, hens parties, seminars etc. for a group of friends or employees. Some of the designs and ideas for these shirts are very innovative, and provide a way to keep a group together at a club or venue. One of our customers sent us some small samples of artwork, […]

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One and Two Colour T-Shirt Printing

Like photography, sometimes a picture or design looks far more effective in black and white, than in colour.  The example we have for you today is a fantastic little design sent in by a customer, to be printed in black, on one of our classic white t-shirts. The design is so simple, yet creates a bit of an optical illusion. […]

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Creative Ways to Design Your Own T-Shirt

People find so many ways to be creative when designing their t-shirts. Our customers have many different needs, and a great variety of ideas, some funny, and some serious.  Our job is to assist you in presenting your ideas on your chosen shirts in the highest quality possible.  That is why the resolution of your photographs and artwork is so […]

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Two Colour T-Shirt Designs

The aim with a custom-designed t-shirt is to make an impact. Whether your intention  is to advertise your business, or just to display your own cool artwork, there is nothing better visually than a one or two colour design on a contrasting background. The “less is more” principle often applies to advertising, and especially on a t-shirt, as there is usually […]

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