This customer wanted us to design a special t-shirt for his dad’s 60th birthday, which they’re going to spend at Disneyland!  A whole generation of us grew up on the Mickey Mouse Club, and so a Mickey Mouse pair of ears was required, the same as he would have worn as a child.  A photograph of the dad was emailed to us, and only his head was to be used in the design, placed right across the chest of a white t-shirt, wearing a pair of mouse ears.

Our graphic designer did some research on the internet, to find a small picture of the mouse ears, plus a logo of the Mickey Mouse Club, to place in the middle of the hat area.  A vector drawing was then made in Illustrator, of the ears and the logo, then saved as an EPS file.  In Photoshop, the photograph of the dad was placed onto a template, and everything removed, except his head. This was done with the Masking tool, where the area of the picture to be kept is painted over in the masking mode, and then the rest of the photograph is deleted.

The Mickey Mouse hat was placed on his head, and stretched and cut to fit.  The Mickey logo was then placed in the middle. A sample of the design was then sent to the customer on a white t-shirt template, and now the whole family will be wearing a custom designed shirt to Disneyland, to celebrate their dad’s 60th birthday.

These are the samples taken from the Web:


Sample mouse ears


Mickey Logo


Here is the photograph we received of the birthday boy:


Customer photograph

And here is our finished artwork:

60th Birthday Design

This is the sample proof which we sent our customer:

T-shirt sample for birthday design